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Modular Expandable Transportable Energy System


What is a METES?


  • A "Modular Expandable Transportable Energy System" manufactured in a controlled environment in a fully-self-contained unit or set of units that can be ordered to your requirements, built, delivered, then set up in a minimum amount of time.
  • It is designed to be transported safely and securely by truck, train, or ship to any location served by normal shipping methods.
  • Individual modules can be matched with various different METES models to comprise systems for any energy need.
  • Expandable to fit your growing demands for energy.
  • Highest quality systems with name brand equipment. Built to last a lifetime!

What METES Models are available?

  • The METES Hybrid. A fully self-contained system that starts with a Master unit housing 8kW/DC of solar power, American manufactured Lithium Ion (non-explosive, non-corrosive) batteries, and generator ready (generator lead times are long and would would need to be ordered at the same time as the METES system if a generator is to be included).
  • The METES Solar Master. A grid-capable solar-only METES with final hookups, supplying 8kW/DC of solar power. Houses all of the equipment needed to connect to the end loads and/or the grid
  • The METES Solar Slave. These units are added solar-only modules that can add up to an additional 24kW/DC of solar capacity to either the Hybrid or the SoIar Master.
  • METES Central Commercial Systems. Larger scale systems with a specially designed Central Master unit, multiple solar units, and options for Battery-only modules and generator-only modules.

What optional equipment is available?

  • A basic system starts with 8kW/DC of solar capacity that is standard on all module units. The METES Hybrid also comes with 7.2 kW of battery storage with the option of adding battery capacity in 3.8 kW increments and comes generator ready. Generator options include a multitude of sizes and fuel types. Other optional equipment include atmospheric water generation, electric vehicle charging stations, space for living or working build-outs, and any number of other customized features.
  • The standard METES models are ground-based, however, they can be delivered pre-mounted on goose-neck trailers.

How do I get pricing?

  • Our systems are manufactured to order. You simply tell us what your needs are, and our engineers will work with you to design and build the best system for your needs and at an agreeable price. Please note that pricing is subject to change due to volatility in the marketplace, but your price will be locked in upon receiving your firm order.

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